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At PRC Accounting & Taxation, we recognize the intricate financial ecosystem within which businesses operate. Our distinguished team of bookkeeping professionals is committed to delivering tailored financial solutions, characterized by precision, efficiency, and unwavering professionalism. We transcend conventional bookkeeping, empowering your business with a strategic approach to financial excellence.


Chart of Accounts & Vendors Setup

Setup industry based chart of accounts as per US GAAP guidelines. Vendors are created in relevance to the classification of transactions.


Bank and Credit Card Reconciliations

Bank and credit cards are reconciled to ensure that every transaction is counted properly and nothing gets missed in the accounts.


Payroll Reconciliation

Reconcile payroll figures using payroll forms and journals, reconcile payroll from different payroll providers such as ADP, Gusto, Paychex, Heartland etc.


Real Estate Bookkeeping

Expert in Real Estate bookkeeping. Fully aware of recording HUD’s, Mortgages, Rental Allocation.


Account Receivables & Payables

Ensure accuracy of account receivables and payables to make sure that sales, invoices, bills and payments are recorded correctly.


Financial Clean Ups

Provide clean ups for messed up financials and make them ready to file for your CPA.

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We transcend conventional bookkeeping, empowering your business with a strategic approach to financial excellence.

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Here are the testimonials of our most beloved clients. Whom we have served with utmost care and professionalism.

    "It is really refreshing to work with someone whose attention to detail is spot on, someone who is chasing you for info rather than the other way around, someone who responds literally instantly and does the job on time at the agreed price. We work with many outsourcers globally and Hafiz is at the top. Thank you."

    Craig Ure

    Owner of Rejuvenetix Industries Boca Raton, Florida

      "Hafiz is an excellent resource who has proven to be very skilled and good to work with. His work is detailed and thorough. He has been very flexible with respect to my difficult schedule and found time to meet when I had limited time. I would highly recommend you consider him for any project that you think he might be a good fit for. However, please don't take all his time 🙂 - I will be engaging with him on an ongoing basis because he has been so great to work with!"

      Gerry Andrady


        "Hafiz is a fantastic book keeper and very knowledgeable about accounting and what is best practice when filing taxes. He is a great communicator and very thorough when auditing accounts. He asked clear questions and completed our accounting audit and accounts preparation quickly and most importantly correctly. Hafiz noticed a lot of errors in the way our accounts had previously been prepared and so he went back and corrected all of the errors. We have hired Hafiz again for many projects and I can definitely recommend him! Thank you Hafiz!"

        Ryan Wright

        Mission Oaks Group, CA

          "Hafiz was extremely professional and delivered the work on time. He worked with us diligently to meet the deadline and we truly appreciate working with him. We will highly recommend him for any accounting and financial statement work. We are looking forward to work with him again. He has great ethic of work and will make sure you understand what he is doing"

          Niyc Pidgeon

          Unstoppable Success llc CA

            "I have worked with so many freelancers that I have simply lost count. It’s always the same story. They tell you how smart they are and how much background and knowledge they have been when you give them a project to work on, they can’t separate heads from tails. Hafiz is by far the very best I have seen. This is an individual who absolutely understands the US based accounting system and needs almost no guidance of any kind other than the documents to work from. You would be a fool not to work with him."

            Alex Feldman

            MF Tax Group FL

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